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You will get better idea about me as well as the way I work & help my clients. Also, this is important for you to know so that we can see if we are mutually fit or not to work together.

Rajesh Gurule – My Story

First, the background

Rajesh Gurule (RG) is Mechanical Engineer by Education. He completed his B.E in 1996. After that he worked in few companies as an Engineer.But by that time he had bitten by the Sales & Marketing bug. Also, he wanted to earn lots & lots of money by doing what he love each & everyday, and by spending less time earning the living.So, He started exploring various aspects of this field. Simultaneously, he was completing his MBA in Marketing Management also from 1998-2000. After just 1 year he realized that it was too theoratical & is for corporates mostly. So he never finished that.


After leaving or getting away from the engineering field, he divided into Sales & Marketing. He had worked in most of the selling situations. Like -

● VERY high end & very technical industrial projects

● Highly technical products

● Financial products – Insurance, Credit Cards, Loans

● Door-to-door selling – for full one year.

“Rajesh helped launched an entire

industry with turnover of 100+

crores while helping his client to

dominate it!”

Some of his successes

● His clients paid him Rs. 67,000 for 9 months – just for his consultations @ 7-8 hrs a month & this was years ago -2002-2003

● He helped to increase the revenues of his clients – from 1,00,000 per month to 11,00,000 per month

● One sales letter he has written – it generated orders worth Rs. 24,000, when mailed to 163 people

● Another single page letter he wrote brought in orders of Rs 13,000, when mailed to @300 people ( Cost = Rs 300).

● One of his client was paying him from Rs, 8,000 minimum to Rs 38,000 per month, to get his consultation – including royalties

● He simply doubled the business of one of his clients in a single month

● He charge Rs 1000 to Rs 4500 per hour to various clients

● One simple ad he created generated Rs 35,000 for his client within the first 6 hours( other orders were still coming) to client – total cost of the ad = Rs 900

● One marketing campaign he created brought in the HIGHEST number of referrals for client

● Another campaign brought in RECORD number of walk -in customers in a single day-total 57 clients for a product costing Rs 15-25,000

● His clients has increased their businesses ten fold in last few years

● Current clients do not take any marketing decision without consulting him

● He help build distributor & dealers channel for his client through a very effective & economical way

● Developed multiple channels for his clients to get more business

● Reduced the client’s sales-force from 28-30 executives to 4 executives, but increased the profits 10-15 times.

● His clients pay him Rs 7-15,000 to write single page ads & marketing pieces.

● For his sales training, his clients routinely pay him Rs 17,000 – 27,000 + per day (4 hr day)


In addition to getting the first-hand knowledge from the actual field, Rajesh has invested HEAVILY in his own Marketing Knowledge. He is having personal library of 3700+ Sales & Marketing books in physical form. And close to 7,500 books in electronic format. These books are from the world’s greatest marketers & sales persons. This is not theory. When this is applied to the businesses then the profits can increase overnight, also.

Books & Publications

Rajesh Gurule has published many high selling audio, video & written programs. You can get more info about these in the resources section of the website. 

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