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Business Consulting

Every business needs Third View that is not biased, influenced & affected by the business.

Coaching & Training

‘Skills Pays Bills. Today’s business life demands array of skills that you must have.

Helping You Achieve Business Success

Answers to ALL

Your Problems.

There are certain things which when done on consistent basis will grow any business – Your Business.

Most of the times businesses that struggle are not aware of these principles, these strategies. So all they do is keep on doing those things that do not work


We’ll provide you all the answers that business needs..

It’s time for Businesses to Change..

It’s time for Your Business to change.

Is your business stagnant & not growing?

Are you looking to grow your business but don't know how?

Are your competitors snatching all your Customers & their business?

Do you think that your marketing is not working & not generating enough sales?

DIrect Response Marketing

The only type of marketing Every business should do unless it got very deep pockets.

Systematic Selling

Selling is NOT an event. It is & should be a continuous process that must work day in & day out.

Effective Advertising

Advertising’s main goal is to generate sales – direct or indirect.

Strategic Advice

You must have effective & proven strategies to dominate your market.

How Do I know If My Services are Right For You?

Read this small FAQ. Then decide for yourself. If you still have any doubts after reading this, feel free to get in touch.

Our Consulting & Coaching or Training are all customised so that you & your business get maximum benefits.

1. What services do you offer ?

We offer Consulting, Coaching & Training services. Our core strengths are – Business Growth, Strategic Marketing & Persuasive Selling & Advertising.We have various programs in each of the above. Check them out to get better idea.

2. Who can benefit from your consulting,Coaching 7 Training ?

If you have business you can benefit.

If you think your business is not where it should be, you can benefit.

If you want to grow your business, you can benefit.

If you want more customers, you will benefit.

Still not convinced? Have a word with me personally get your doubts cleared.

I would love to speak with you.

3. What are charges for these services ?

My standard fees & charges are given on website itself. But many a times I have to customize my programs. So the applicable charges might be either lower or higher depending on the work that has to be done.

Pl get confirmation from me about the fees before comitting yourself to my programs..

4. 'My Business is Different' will these work for my business ?

Yes. These will work even in your business.

I ‘ve already helped many businesses in various categories. And my strategies works every where. I do not have doubts that those will not work in your business.

5. I am still not convinced. What should I do ?

Now you have only few options left –

1. Keep on doing what you have been doing. In that case, you will keep on getting what you have been getting.

2. Trust me on this. Give me a call. & Start growing your business.

Do not overthink it ! ! !

My Insane ” Grow Your Business Or Get Your

100 % money Back Guarantee”

Your Business Growth Is Fully Guarantee!

Your satisfaction – no, DELIGHT – is my goal.

If at any time in the period we that we work together, you are not TOTALLY delighted by the value of the advice & consulting work you’re getting, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full – no questions asked!

I guarantee with Our Services you’ll start getting profits immediately. You’ll save the expense & energy & time in thinking what to do or not to do.

By using the techniques & ideas I’ve developed you’ll speed up your business growth, increase your chances of dominating your market and eliminate your risk.

If you start working with me, & during the next one year any time you feel you are not satisfied with the results, then you can ask for your money back from me. I’ll refund your money.

& remember, I take all the risk in this transaction. For you, it’s ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE! Call me now.

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“So I highly recommend his services to anyone. In fact in that shelter we got 1400+ enquiry forms filled by the visitors.  We were so pleased with the results that we hired him for Training our staff on ongoing basis.”

Sanjeev Adgaonkar

Director , Surya Properties Pvt Ltd

” Reduced the client’s sales-force from 28-30 executives to 4 executives, but increased the profits 10-15 times.”

“One simple ad Rajesh Gurule created has generated Rs 35,000 for us within the first 6 hours( other orders were still coming) to client – total cost of the ad = Rs 900.”

Checkout These Business Building Resources

Business Growth Consulting

We offer consulting for the businesses that want to grow & are ready to grow.


Our Coaching programs help business owners in taking their business to the NEXT level.


Our Coaching programs help business owners in taking their business to the NEXT level.

Find Your Answers.

Set Your Business Goals.

Take Action.

Reap the Benefits.

You know your business better than anyone else. But you are VERY close to your business. That makes you mypoic to see the things that are holding you & your business back.

It’s time to make that change. It’s time to make that deision. It’s time to start growing your business with our consulting, coaching & training programs.

Things won’t change unless you change them.

Take action & contact me today.

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