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Note -In this series carry month, I will be sharing one marketing idea that will make your customer say 'WOW'. Don't think that it is Not from your industry. Think - how you can use it in your industry.

Newsletter marketing is one of the least understood & still lesser utilized marketing tools that can greatly impact any business.

In fact, when I started with my practice consulting that time I started with my newsletter. And surprisingly, I was quite persistent in sending that newsletter, even though initially I was not getting very good response from doctors community.

But I kept at it and after three months I started getting tremendous response for each issue that I sent. That's why I say newsletter is one of the least understood and lesser utilized marketing tool.

It creates authority for you. It allows you to approach people, your ideal customers in a way that is kind of non salesy. And that's why non-threatening because people feel threatened by very aggressive salespeople.

Your advertising is kind of always aggressive - focused entirely on sales. Again, that is the purpose of advertising.

The reason newsletter works better is it is way of educating your customers. It is informing your customers about various things that they might need.

Just to give an idea in which industries I have used newsletters. Industrial, Healthcare, Retail, Restaurant, Distributor & Dealers. Professionals. And in many more industries.

Now, there are some limitations also.

First of all, creating and sending a newsletter every month requires strong discipline on your part.

And people normally are not that consistent so they are more comfortable with one shot advertising rather than something consistent every month.

And it requires a good amount of efforts to write a newsletter & to create content for it. Create your mailing list and print that newsletter and send it via courier or post to your target customers.

Now imagine you have to do this every month.

But as they say, you know, having your company newsletter is like having your own media which is totally under your control.

You decide what goes into it. You decide the content. You decide the ads that will go into it. You are having total control on that.

That is one of the most important things that I feel that makes newsletters different than any other media control.

I love being in control. I don't want any other person or company or any other entity to dictate how I should do my marketing; what should be there; what type of headline is allowed; what cannot be put in & what needs to put in. I hate not being in control.

And that's why if you want to be in control of your marketing, you need to go ahead with your newsletter.

As I said it's difficult, but it is possible. Your newsletter could be simply two or four or eight or 20 pages long. I would suggest you go ahead and plan for a minimum of three to five months ahead and then start working with your newsletter.

What you want to write in it?

There are so many things. You can include industry updates. You can include your company update. You can include your project or services or product updates.

You can include new launches. You can include some things that your customers are not aware of. You can

include things that will make your customers' life easier. All these things could be included in your newsletters.

This newsletter that you are currently reading is one example of a company newsletter that I have created.

There is one newsletter for each industry that I work in. And we are sending that newsletter every month to our existing customers and clients as well as future clients also.

You can take this as an example and start working on your own newsletter.

I hope now you understand the importance of having your own company newsletter and you will start your own very soon.


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