What is Wrong with People

There is no use in saying nothing is wrong with people, because something is wrong.

There is too much expectation with too less usage of earning the things.

There is too much spending of time on trivial things& too much less time spend on productive things.

Too much restlessness & too little enjoyment. Something is wrong. I believe this is what is the matter.

We all need to work. work. Really work. Everybody felt so entitled to everything that the idea of action working seems so alien.

Everybody complains about the head work they are doing - by sitting in s chair in a comfortable office having AC on the wall.

They complain about not having to do too much work. They complain about having to do the work.

The work that is assigned.

The work that they agreed to do everybody.

The work they need to do.

The work they are paid to do.

The work is their only responsibility.

They have forgotten what all has cost. They just see this wonderful business and commercial structure and they think it all just happened, that it has always been this way.

same all the time.

They feel & believe everything is fine.

They feel entitled. For all this. They forget that everyone has to earn their keep. Everybody. Every week. Every year.

The performance has to increase & improve everyday so that to be entitled.

If you feel tired at the end of the day after doing half the work you are given you are probably in the wrong job.

It is time for a revival of common sense & work ethics. Your common sense & your ethics.


Leading Consultant, Coach & Trainer

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