The Ostrich Syndrome

The Ostrich Syndrome

Burying Your Head and Making Excuses

Can you guess what the real reason is for the DEATH of a practice? I call it

The Ostrich Syndrome. Doctors bury their heads when it comes to their business because facing reality is just too painful. Inevitably they continue doing the same thing over and over and continue to be disappointed when they don’t get their desired results.

While they have their heads in the proverbial sand, many doctors hope that a “practice fairy” will come in and fix their problems overnight. That practice fairy can come in all kinds of disguises. For instance, it could be that new staff member.

Have your heard these excuses from someone?

“Oops, we never implemented it because it was too hard.

Or, a doctor says, “When I get this new piece of equipment I can start collecting more!” Oops, I can’t seem to sell it.

Or, a doctor says, “I am going to join this practice management company and surely they will have the advice I need” Oops, you are not willing to be honest with your coach because you are embarrassed about how you are currently running your practice.

More Excuses

Then there are the classic excuses:

“It’s my town. Nobody here has any money.”

“Insurance companies won’t pay!”

“My patients just won’t follow through with care!”

“My staff is always whining and complaining and wanting more and more from me!”

“I can’t get my staff to do what I ask them to do!”

“I can’t raise my fees, my patients won’t pay!”

“I am working very hard and I am not making money, my overhead keeps

escalating in proportion with the increase in services and collections. I don’t understand”

“My associates make more money than I do!”

“There is too much competition”

“My wife/husband/kids don’t understand how hard this business is.”

Or, the final KILLER: “I don’t know what to do anymore, I have tried everything and nothing works!”

Now It's Time To Take Control And Be Accountable

OK, now I'll lighten up a bit. But you must realize that these issues, as real

as they are to you, are just excuses. If you continue to let these reasons determine

your success, you will surely fail. Most of the time, doctors who get to this point,really have worked very hard and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's the lack of vision and the loss of passion that drives the practice right into the ground. So, how do you get it back before the final blow of DEATH? How can you come back from such a frustrated, disappointed state and turn it all around.

The very first thing you must do is get control of the financial aspects of your business. If you have let someone else making

financial decisions, STOP! No one will take care of your money like you will.

Prepare a financial turnaround plan by gathering accurate numbers from your practice and make decisions based on the facts, not your emotions or what you think might be happening.

Make smart changes, such as:

A. If you are in debt, find a way to consolidate and create a debt repayment plan.

B. Determine how you can collect your money and generate cash.

C. If your staff is holding you back, FIRE THEM!

D. If the insurance companies don’t pay, find other cash income streams.

E. Raise your fees, and happily wave good-bye to those who patients don’t want to pay you.

F. If you are having a tough time getting new patients, create a consistent marketing plan, implement it and don't stop.

There really is no problem in a business that can’t be fixed. You just have to be willing to remove yourself and look objectively at what's really happening in your business. Will this be a touchy time for you? Probably.

But, it's the not knowing, not having a plan to recover and build your business that causes the

stress and, possibly, the DEATH of your practice.

Once you face the truth and make a plan, you will finally feel like you are back in control. You will sleep better at night. Now, perhaps you can start working on that vision of where you want to go and regain that passion you once had.


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