Beginers Training

If you or your staff is new to sales or just starting, then this is ideal for you.

Advanced Selling

This is for those who are in sales for 1-5 years and want more, better results.

Sales Mastery

This is advanced program in selling. It takes selling to whole another level.

Persuasive Selling

This is by Application Only Training including very advanced persuasion strategies.

Let’s see if my sales training programs are good for you.

Does Your Staff REALLY Need Sales Training ?

Answer these questions on right in your own mind. They will give you very good idea if your staff needs to be trained in selling skills or not.

Everyone who answered these questions felt that their sales can be improved by proper training. How about you? Are you confident in answeing these questions for your sales team?

Have your staff received sales training since they join?

Does your staff know how to sell at HIGHER Rates? Is that be good for you?

Does your sales staff know how to handle & overcome customer objections?

Can your sales person do effective follow up with your customer? Without begging or annoying customer?

Is your Sales Person involved in Enquiry generation/ or do they depend on you & your advertisement only?

Have you ever thought from where they get there selling knowledge? & is it really good or bad for your company?


7 Reason Why You Should Train Your Sales People with Our Sales Training Programs

Not all of these 7 reasons will be applicable to your business. But few of those will be more than enough to consider sales training programs seriously for your staff.

1. Experience alone will not enough for them. 

Every few months, market changes, situation changes & the customers change. Your sales staff must keep themselves updated.

2. Just like every technology is changing at rapid space

Even if you train them last year, most of it may become obsolete in 2-3 years.

3. Increased Efficiency

With training – proper training – the person becomes more efficient. All good professionals need & get training.

4. FIRST impression &LAST Impression Of Your Brand

Your sales staff creates FIRST impression & LAST impression on your customers. Also, he does take care of all the in between contacts with customers.What kind of impression they are creating of Your Company & Yourself?

5. Good Training OR Bad Training

Staff gets training – no matter what. & It’s either Good Training OR Bad Training. You have to decide what training they should receive.

6. ROI - Return On Investment

Sales Training will give you MAXIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT compared to ANY type of marketing investment.

My Approach

I believe that we all are SalesPeople. Everyday we are selling. WE are selling our time in a job. WE are selling our idaes to get accepted. WE are selling affection to get it back.

When we are buiyng something that time we are selling our money.

WE are SalesPeople.

Then why not learn to do it better? That’s my approach towards selling. That is what I teach in my training programs.

How It Works

Schedule a Pre Consultation

All our Training Programs are customised based on your needs. It’s important for you & for us also that you chose the most suitable Training Program for you. We assess your needs in a Pre Consultation.

Choose a Training Program

After the Pre Consultation the most suitable Training Program is suggested to you based on your business needs. Fees & logistics is discussed & proceeded.

Reach Your Sales Goals

Then we start the actual program. Depending on the program & the duration the training commences. You & your sales staff will start some benefits almost immediately. But most of the major gains are observed when the executives starts implementing the strategies discussed in the program.

The Training Programs

Beginers Sales Training Program

This covers Fundamentals of Sales. Every Sales Person who joins your sales & marketing team MUST undergo this training program. Without this, no one should be allowed to interact with the customers.

More Details

This will include

a. Condensed version of module 1 – Fundamentals of Real Estate Selling + plus

b. Complete video recording of the training session for each participant + plus

c. All training material for CHOSEN program – workbook, presentation folder checklists scripts. + plus

d. Complete video recording of the training session for each participant + plus

e. 12 issues of ‘Real Estate Selling Superstar ‘newsletter

 Duration = 2.5 hrs



ASS – Advanced Selling Skills

This is for those who are in sales for 1-5 years and want more, better results. Once the basic selling skills are learnt then time comes when you feel your sales staff has become stagnat. They are not selling upto their potential. ASS – Advanced Selling Skills will equip them for selling more. Much more.

More Details 

This will include

a. Any one training module of Your choice from list given below  + plus

b. All training material for CHOSEN program – workbook, presentation folder checklists scripts. + plus

c. Complete video recording of the training session for each participant

Duration = 4 hrs

Pl chose only 1 from these 5 modules

1. Selling to end users

2. Investors selling program

3. Selling at higher rates – (without Discounts)

4. Selling against Tough competition.

5. Selling in slow times/ slack market.



Sales Mastery Training Program

Sales Mastery is the Highest level skills program we are offering to sales people. It is very powerful & very comprehensive sales training program that makes your sales staff literally Master in Sales.

More Details

This will include all the REST Training modules 1 to 5 + plus

a. 3 follow up sessions over NEXT 12 months i.e. full year + plus

b. All Training material –

c. workbooks, presentation folders, checklists scripts for 4 persons + plus

d. Additional modules = Rs 1150 per person + plus

e. Complete video recording of the training session for each participant + plus

f. 12 issues of ‘Real Estate Selling superstar ‘newsletter

Duration = 20 hrs

All 5 Modules will be covered.1. Selling to end users2. Investors selling program3. Selling at higher rates – (without Discounts)4. Selling against Tough competition5. Selling in slow times/ slack market 

Rs 1,57,000

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