‘Real Estate Sales Training Program’

For Sales & Marketing Staff Which is Used for More Than 9+ Years & Attended By 100s of Executives; That Has Helped Builders Complete Their Projects on Time Due To Improved Sales & Has Given Them ROI Of 1000 to 10000 on 1; And Produced Wonderful Results Like These . . . . .

Training was done at end of July & 1st week of August. This Client is very good & aggressive marketer. They were generating vast amount of leads. With REST – their conversion improved.
Training was conducted at the launch of the project. Mix of fresh & experienced sales staff.
Consistent sales in slow times has been observed.
These were the remaining / last flats from various projects. Which were not selling since a long time. Still some flats are NOT sold in some projects, but overall it was good number.

This is the proof that R.E.S.T. (Real Estate Sales Training) work! Give R.E.S.T. to your Sales & Marketing Staff

8 Excuses given normally

Have you ever thought about ANY of the reasons below that are given by Your Sales & Marketing Staff or Your Managers ?

Excuse 1

“We get lots of telephone calls from our ads. But very few people visit our site or office”.

Excuse 3

“I know how to sell. My sales staff is also very experienced. But now nobody is buying”.

Excuse 2

“We get 10/15/20/30 customers visit our site every week or month. But only 1 or 2finalize”.

Excuse 4

“It’s slow/slack period now. Once it’s over, we’ll sell very fast’.

Excuse 5

“We don’t want to sell our properties faster. We can sell it afterwards for higher rates”.

Excuse 7

“We have VERY Big Project. It takes years to sell all flats”.

Excuse 6

“Since last 20/30 years we are building & selling. We know how to sell. It’s just that times are bad!”

Excuse 8

“We have many projects going on at a time. Every month we sell here or there. & Anyhow eventually we are going to sell it”.

Reasons OR Results?

I am calling these as reasons, because when property sales is slow, then only they think about such things.


All these are fine excuses. But they are excuses for not selling. Our sales staff give us these reasons & we accept and give these same reasons & to others.

Valid ?

Don’t get me wrong. There may be valid reasons for few of them. But most of the times they are not!


I’ve seen at least 3-4 builders who do sell & sell well – in all types of market conditions.Of course, every time I have different names.

If staff knows how to sell, then –

  1. they can sell in any market condition
  2. they can sell at higher rates
  3. they can sell to local as well outsiders
  4. they can sell much faster

What About Your Sales Staff ?

Have your staff received sales training since they join?
Did you personally train them in selling skills?
Do they know how to sell to the end user?
Will you let anybody work as Civil Supervisor Or you’ll check their training & experience? Why not for sales people?
Can your sales person do effective follow up with your customer? Without begging or annoying customer?
Does your Sales Person know how to handle 2 types of investors?
Have you ever thought from where they get there selling knowledge?& is it really good or bad for your company?
Do they know the ONE WORD that they should NEVER use? But almost EVERY Sales Person use it EVERY Day?
How are telephone skills of your staff?
Do they know how to sell investors?
Can your staff answer your customers question effectively?
Does your sales staff know how to handle & overcome customer objections?
Does your staff know how to sell at HIGHER Rates? [ maybe just Rs 50 per square feet EXTRA?] Is that be good for you?
Is your Sales Person involved in Enquiry generation/ or do they depend on you & your advertisement only?
Does your Sales Person have DIFFERENT presentations for Different types of customers?
Do they know how to finalize the deal? Close the deal?

Are there any answers where you said NO,

when you should have said YES, & a big yes?

If you answered yes to this question, then you now know what the things in your sales process are that need to be changed.

You know on what you need to focus on. This is first ‘step’ – but very important one.

Let me give you more reasons why you must train your Sales & Marketing Staff

17 Reason Why You Should Train Your Sales People with Real Estate Sales Training Program

Reason 01

Experience alone will not be enough for them

Every few months, market changes, situation changes & the customers change. Your sales staff must keep themselves updated.

Reason 02

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Just like construction technology, Sales Technology is changing at rapid space. Even if you train them last year, most of it may become obsolete in 2-3 years.

Reason 03

Unleash innovative functionalities

With training – proper training – the person becomes more efficient. All good professionals need & get training.

Reason 04

Experience alone will not be enough for them

Top sales people in your industry spend at least 3 weeks per year in sales training.

Reason 05

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Your sales staff createsFIRST impression&LAST impressionon your customers. Also, he does take care of all the in between contacts with customers. What kind of impression they are creating of Your Company & Yourself?

Reason 06

Unleash innovative functionalities

Staff gets training – no matter what. &It’s either Good Training OR Bad Training. You have to decide what training they should receive.

Reason 07

Experience alone will not be enough for them

It’s In Your Best Interest -It’s like investing in your own projects, goodwill & marketing.

Reason 08

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ROI- Return On Investment - Sales Training will give you MAXIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT compared to ANY type of marketing investment.

Reason 09

Unleash innovative functionalities

Research has proven that 77% of fresh sales people develop fear of selling & fail. Because they lack the basic skills of selling.

Reason 10

Experience alone will not be enough for them

Research has also proven that 93% of experienced sales people STOP learning & implementing NEW Selling skills – if they are NOT forced to! What impact this might be having on Your overall business?

Reason 11

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Every project &every company is unique. Past experience even from the same field – does not have correlation in real estate sales training.

Reason 12

Unleash innovative functionalities

You THROW Your Money down the drain – when a non trained sales person meets your customers. It’s a waste that could be & must be avoided at all costs.

Reason 13

Experience alone will not be enough for them

Estimated 73% of builders provide NO TRAINING to sales people at all. After sales training their conversion improves by 35% - to 166%(By research).

Reason 14

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Poor sales staff – They receive project training or knowledge about properties & projects. But Nothing whatever regarding implementing that knowledge in Actual sales situations.

Reason 15

Unleash innovative functionalities

93% of the on-the-job training received by sales people is done so poorly, that they suffer measurably. And both involved gets frustrated over the time.

Reason 16

Experience alone will not be enough for them

It costs around Rs 20,000 per year to train a sales person. But it costs Rs 20,00,000 to 2 core per year NOT TO Train A Salesperson inReal Estate Industry

Reason 17

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Well trained sales person is the best brand Ambassador for your company & your customers.

Reason 18

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Well trained sales person is the best brand Ambassador for your company & your customers.

Do you need any more reason for starting to train your sales staff?

I think these 17 reasons shall be quite enough for you to go ahead.

Just take a look at the selling skills we focus in this Training Program-

Project Knowledge

Real Estate Industry Knowledge



Appearance Knowledge


Listening Skills

Presentation Skills

Communication skills


Objection Handling Ability

Questioning Ability

Telephone Handling Skill


ConfidenceDeal Closing skills

Follow Up Skills

Just imagine – when your sales staff is skilled in all these qualities, how much it will help you & your projects?

The benefits you will get with our training programs

All the clients for whom we’ve conducted this program got many many benefits & you can too. Such as.

Your benefits

Skills Improvement

Your Sales Person get better & deeper understanding of customer buying process & behaviour

Short Sales Cycle

Your Sales Person learns how to shorten the sales cycle – means how to finalize the deal in 22 days instead of 30 days for example

Confident Staff

Your sales staff become much more confident in handling customers & sales

Increased Sales

Their selling skills improves resulting in good sales for you

Faster Payment Collection

Your company’s cash flow improves because of FASTER payment collection as per payment schedule

More Referral Sales

Your sales team get more references from your existing customers– because they remain satisfied

Less Customer Complaints

Your customer complaints reduces& so does your headaches

Ontime Finishing

Your projects finishes on time due to better sales & better financial cash how

More Projects

You can start more projects due to improved financial situation

Improved Staff Retention

Your sales staff stays with you longer because they are satisfied

Reduced Marketing Costs

Your marketing & advertising budget reduces – because sales conversion increases. So you need less marketing

Enhanced Goodwill

Your brand & goodwill improves – because your projects keep on progressing [Not like other Builder’s projects which do not move or move very slowly]

Effective Follow up

Your sales staff becomes more efficient in follow up

Selling Process

They get a complete sales process

Proper Instructions

They get step-by-step instructions

Effective Objection Handling

Your sales staff learns to handle All major objections that customers gives them

Interactive Presentations

Your sales people learn to ask questions – the most important skill.

Improved Listening

They develop listening skill – the topmost skill every sales person must have.

These are just few of the benefits that you get with my sales training program.

And as I said earlier, this program works & works very well. That’s why my builder clients have received such fantastic results. You can also get similar benefits. For your staff people & your projects.

I’ll list various modules I cover in this special sales training program. It’s very comprehensive Training program. Still if you feel to add anything specific that is NOT covered in this, then pl lot me know.

I’ll see if I could include that in the sessions.

R.E.S.T. Program Modules

Module 1

Fundamental of Real Estate Selling

Basic of sales & customer psychology
Introduction to selling skills required
Goal setting & Self Motivation
Attitude & perception

Module 2

Selling Process

Prospecting Appointments
Presentation Onsite presentation
Objection handling
Rejection, handling Closing /Finalizing
Follow up
Attitude & perception

Module 3

Customer Centered Selling

The process of Custmer Centred Selling
Understanding selling cycle
Understanding purchase cycle
Customizing Custmer Centred Sellingwith your projects

Module 4

Advanced selling skills

Selling to end users
Buying motivations
Ethical manipulation

Module 5

Specialized Situational Selling

Selling to end users Investors selling program
Selling at higher rates – (without Discounts)
Selling against Tough competition
Selling is slow times/ slack market

Your investment for this sales training

That reminds me, you must be thinking about the money part.

The investment required for this unique course.

3 Options


Complete training program


2.5 hrs

2 hrs x 2 Sessions

20 hrs

Modules covered

Module 1 - Selling to end users

Module 2 - Investors selling program

Module 3 - Selling at higher rates/without Discounts

Module 4 - Selling against Tough competition

Module 5 - Selling in slow times/ slack market

Any one special module





Preparation period Reqd


1 week

2 week

Payment of fees

By single cheque

By single cheque

By 2 cheques 50% on Confirmation 50% on last day





a. 3 follow up sessions over NEXT 12 months i.e. full year

b. All Training material –

c. Workbooks, Presentation Folders, Checklists, Scripts

e. Complete video recording

You are Free to choose ANY program – Starter, Premium or Master.

It may depend on your project also. But you could be better judge.

I am least worried about what you chose. Or even if you chose anything at all or not. Also, if you’ve been reading this 2nd or 3rd time, then you may notice the increase in FEES I’m charging.

This Training works

What about you?

I have proven this in more than 30 client’s businesses.

That’s the reason I am getting request for arranging the training in many firms – repeatedly!

Yes! Builders who hired me once are hiring me again. Because they know the value of this training. It has given them returns of 35 to 165 on 1 !

If you also want to get these results in your project & business, then . . . . . . . take your own time to think!

No rush or hurry.

Once you’re done thinking, take decision and call me or SMS me on – 98225 45922

or email at connect@rajeshgurule.com

I shall forward you 30 pages confidential Questionnaire to see whether I could train your staff Or NOT. This Questionnaire will help me decide if the training is for you or not. If it is NOT, then I shall politely inform you. If it is yes, then we’ll take if further from there.

Rajesh Gurule

Trainer & Consultant

Ph – 98225 45922

P.S. – Guarantee – I forgot to mention that ALL my programs are Guaranteed. It simply means- I’ll conduct the program for your sales staff. After the program, if you or any of your staff feels that it was No use or NOT beneficial to you then I’ll refund your money! Period. This is my guarantee based on years of client satisfaction.

These are some of the Builders who has taken my Sales Training Programs

for their Sales & Marketing Staff


5 – 6 Times

Nirman Group

5 -6 Times

Surya Properties

3 -4 Times

Lalit Roongta Group

2 - 3 Times

Shivram Group

3 – 4 Times

Lalwani Group

Jay Developers


Liberty Group Exhibition

Ambika Developers Exhibition

Suchintan Developers Exhibition

Kalptaru Group



Leading Consultant, Coach & Trainer

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