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Start Enjoying Your Practice with the Type of patients you love to treat by doing the procedures you crave to do at the fees you decide; Achieve True Autonomy in your professional life by Reinventing Your Practice . . the practice you have always dreamed of

Dear Doctor,

What's your practice status currently?

1. In practice since 5-20 years – Then ReInvent Your Practice Program could be for you

2. In practice since 0-5 years – Then ReInvent Your Practice Program might NOT be for you.

Pl check my other program called as PMGP (Practice Management & Growth Program).

I’ll explain the significance of each group later, but first let me present to you this unique program.

Re Invent Your Practice

Secretly, we launched this program in 2014 for my Inner Circle of Doctor clients, who had already been in my consulting program for 2-3 years. Of course, I didn’t name this program as Re-Invent Your Practice.

It was the principles that we were implementing in their practices. The name came much later to me.

I said secretly, because i never opened this program for the entire Doctor community. In the last 5 years many Doctors have gone through this program and re-invented their practice, their passion and ultimately their whole life.

Based on their successes, I have re-designed this program so that every doctor can benefit from this, who want to get more out of their practice.

That does not mean anybody and everybody can get into this program.


There are certain criteria that everyone who wants to be a part of ReInvent Your Practice Program must satisfy.

If those criteria are not met, then they have to wait for at least one year and then check again. Of course during this one year they will have a chance to get into the basic level of RIYP, mentioned in this letter later on.

So what exactly is ReInvent Your Practice Program?

Re Invent your practice means work as you want . . .

This happens only when you are the one who is dictagin the terms & not the circumstances or situations

by Your choice

in your practice everything must happen with your choice, the way you want.

by Your Chosen Treatments

you should be doing more & more treatments that you like & delegate those that you don't like to do.

with Your Chosen Patients

you should be able to choose the type of patients you want to treat on daily basis.

getting Your decided fees & charges

you should be able to decide what your skills, time & expertise worth to your patients.

by working on Your chosen day of the week

no one else should decide which day of the week you should work & which day you should not.

by having Your Ideal Practice

achieve your dream practice status and position that you once wanted so passionately.

by working on Your chosen time of the Day

want to do procedures in the evening & see patients only in the morning? Do it.

Now you can get all this & much more . . . but not immediately. First, you’ve to diligently & patiently work so that you will be able to work on your own terms.

ReInvent Your Practice will help you get there much faster.

4 Phases of ReInventing Your Practice

Phase 1. Re inventing your goals

Rewriting your goals will be the starting point.

Phase 2. Creating a Roadmap

Roadmap helps & guides us on every step.

Phase 3. weekly & monthly Action steps

Predefined Action steps will assure success.

Phase 4. Corrective Actions

Checkmarks will helps us in consistent monitoring.

Let's explore each phase

Phase 1. ReInventing your goals

Rewriting your goals will be the first order of the program.

What you want, really want at this stage of your professional life. As time goes, people change, things change, situations change.

So your goals need to be defined firsthand.

Module 1 - Inventory

a. Practice Inventory

b. Professional Inventory

c. Personal Inventory

d. Financial Inventory

Module 2 - Goals

a. Re-Invent Goals

b. Re-Invent Roadmap

c. Re-Invent Action Plan

d. Team Development

Module 3 - Systemization

a. Systems

b. Processes

c. Policies

d. Procedures

Module 4 - Ideal Patient

a. Patient Data Analysis

b. Approach Data Plan

c. Train The Patient

d. Managing Expectations

Phase 2. Creating a Roadmap

Based on your goods, we’ll be creating Your Practice Roadmap.

This Roadmap will work as a guide, as a real map for taking you from where you are to where you want to be !

Module 5 - Strategies

a. Patient Selection

b. Convertion Improvement

c. Aligning Vision

d. Implementation

Module 6 - VIP Practice

a. Visibility Improvement Program

b. Contents Planing

c. Content Creation

d. Media Planing

Module 7 - Team

a. Team Development

b. Delegation

c. Systems & Checklists

d. Performance Reviews

Phase 3. Weekly & monthly Action steps

Once Roadmap is ready, each step will be converted into Action steps Divided into weekly & monthly plans.

This helps in tracking the progress your practice is making on weekly & monthly basis.

Module 8 - Promotions

a. Promo Activities

b. Campaigns Planing

c. Designing Campaigns

d. Executing Promotional campaigns

Module 9 -Time Mastery

a. Time Mastery

b. Time Analysis

c. Time Vampires

d. Prioritizing Time

Module 10 - Personal Development

a. Skill Inventory

b. Focus a skill Program

c. Practicing skills

d. Evaluation & Revenue

Phase 4. Corrective Adjustments

Rather than a separate phase, these are monthly tracking activities that we'll be doing.

When we follow the Legal, Ethical & Moral ways that I advocate, everything starts falling into place.

Achieving financial independence & autonomy is the ultimate goal.

Module 11 - Financials

a. Financials

b. 80/20 Financials Principals

c. Improve Patient Value

d. Cash Flow Vs Profit

Module 12 - Autonomy

a. Planing & Milestones

b. Execution of Activities

c. Time Freedom

d. Financial Freedom

Watch these videos to know all the details

8 benefits you get with ReInvent Your Practice Program



Over a period of few months you start doing the things that you want to do the way you want to do & at the time you want to do.

That is total autonomy which very few people are able to enjoy.

More free time

Time = Life

The more time you get for the things that you enjoy, the more life you live.

RIYP helps you gain your time back, your life back so that you enjoy more.

Start living fully.

Better satisfaction

Job satisfaction is something we forget as we keep on peddling through our professional life without getting satisfaction, joy.

With RIYP, you get more satisfaction from your Daily, Weekly & Monthly routine activities.

Better financials

To really enjoy life’s goodies, you have to have better financials. Period.

Money doesn’t buy everything. But it buys almost everything. And that should be enough for most of the people.

Working less, but earning more

Ideally, as you gain more expertise & more experience you should work less.

But most of the times, we start working more & more for less & less which seems a paradox. But that’s the truth.

RIYP will help you in working less but getting more returns from your work.

Treating patients you like

We all love our each & every patients? Correct?

In our dreams, maybe.

But still we have to treat them.

What if you get to choose the patients whom you want to treat? & not the other way round?

Doing procedures you like

Each & every patient wants to get the procedures or treatments done by – YOU.

But as time goes by, you feel that there are certain procedures that you should delegate.

But you have to do it carefully. Else it could backfire.

With RIYP you will be able to do just that.

Greater peace of mind

Finally, getting peace of mind is the most important benefit RIYP can assure you.

Nothing, & I mean, nothing is more important than ability to sleep calmly at night – without taking anything.

You can start enjoying all these benefits . . . starting immediately.

Choose the plan that suits you financially & we'll start working on ReInventing Your Practice in next two weeks.


2 Options


Consulting Sessions - Online

Practice Coaching - Online

General Staff Training

Key Members' Staff Training

Systems, Procedures & Policies

Content creation

Promotional campaigns

Social Media Promotions

Digital/ Online Marketing

Video Creations & Video Promotions

Monthly RIYP package

Vault access via secret website

Premium Program

Rs 5,64,000 annually / (Rs 47,000 monthly)

2 Every Month - Live

1 Live Session

1 Live Session

1 Live Session

Customized for you

Customized for you

Customized for you






Regular Program

Rs 3,34,800 annually / (Rs 27,900 monthly)

1 Every Month - Live

1 Recorded Session

1 Recorded Session

1 Recorded Session

Template Based

Template Based

Template Based






Use one of these 3 ways to start ReInventing Your Practice

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I’ll send you the Welcome kit. Once your payment is received, we’ll decide You handover the cheque and form, and you’ll receive the RIYP month 1 package, which you can start using immediately.

There you have it.

If you’ve chosen option 1, we’ll meet personally and start phase 1 of the program.

If you have chosen Option 2, you will receive material by courier & via Secret website.

Now all that is left is to take action on this. Take your phone and send me the message, fill the form, and start re-inventing your practice.

Wishing you good luck,

Rajesh Gurule

Consultant. Coach. Trainer.

Ph – 9822545922

P.S. Due to my personal involvement in Option 1, it is limited to few doctors only. Once those slots are filled, you will be automatically shifted to Option 2 or will be put on the waiting list.

P.P.S. One simple action of typing and sending me the message will get you started on the path of re-inventing your practice. Do it!

P.P.P.S. 100% Confidentiality is maintained about everything. NO one else will know that you are participating in RIYP unless you want to mention it & allow me to give your name to other Doctor clients. I will not share your name with anyone. Similarly, You will NOT get any reference of my existing Doctor clients


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