No Miracles

This is an old story. In 1900, railroad companies were running the transportation world.In one such company, there was a "Brakeman" who happens to be the Hero of our story.

He was an ordinary brakeman with ordinary intelligence. One day a Rate Clerk was having Lunch with fellow workers - amongst whom our Brakeman was also present.

The conversation turned to freight rates & the Rate clerk started telling the group about the twists and turns in freight rates and the huge difference in rates.

Everyone was enjoying this conversation until the Brakeman got curious & asked the Rate Clerk a simple question -


"Why there was so much difference in rates & why it was calculated he way it was?"

The rate clerk was surprised & told the brakeman that he didn't know why the rates were calculated that way. It was just the way he had been calculating for years.

Now, this answer was sufficient to quiet everybody's mind . . except our Brakeman.

He got so interested in it that he started asking almost everyone who he thought could know the answer.

Sadly, he didn't get any answers.Luckily, he didn't stop there.

He sent a letter to the Railroad company's Headquarter & requested information about Rate Calculations.

The manager who received the letter was very surprised. It was very uncommon for employees to get interested in other areas of the railroad than those which comes under their own daily duties.

Least if all a Brakeman interested in Rate Calculations?

The manager telegraphed & asked the Brakeman to come & see him.

After 16 years, in the year of 1916 that Brakeman became Vice President of the same Rail Road Company.

Of course, it didn't happen overnight.

After he met with the office manager, he was given a chance to become a Rate Clerk. Then asst manager.

Then other responsibilities which finally led him to become Vice President of the company in which he once worked as a Brakeman.

As I said there are no miracles in the business world. Everything happens due to a reason. & this very story proves the point.

It is a logical result of the man's thirst for knowledge, his curiosity that led him to ask questions & his persistence that helped him to stop only when he got the answer.

It's the same with all of us in 2022

No miracles.

By the way, remember the Rate Clerk? He was still Rate Clerk when our Brakeman Hero was announced as Vice President.

True. No miracles!


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