Headwork pays much, much better than Handwork

The world pays heavily for just two things

Executive Ability.-

Entertaining Ability.

Executive ability comes from knowledge.

Entertaining ability comes from talent.

The two are Highways to fame & fortune. There are OTHER roads also, but those are mostly narrower. rough, dusty & not certain.

Honestly, very few of us have the inner talent to entertain and get paid handsomely for that.

But most of us - if we work at it - have the ability toplan, to direct, to lead, to manage & Get things executed & implemented.

Every person who knows how to do something will always reap the rewards for his own efforts.

But that's his limit - his own efforts.

But if he or she has the ability to tell hundred other people how to do it, then he multiplies not only his efforts but his income too.

In the business of selling, any salesperson who knows how to sell is always in demand. Because . . .he can sell one thing at a time.

But the person who can create, manage & execute a marketing campaign can sell to hundreds or even thousands at a time. Headwork pays much, much better than Handwork

Even a sales super-star will only be able to sell so many customers in the territory or out of total Leads.

But when the efforts are multiplied by hundreds of thousands of times, results are also varied.

To know the different volumes of each person, just ask -"Who can MULTIPLY individual result by five, ten or twenty times?"

Now when managers multiply results. their income doesn't multiply much in the same proportion. But it is definitely much worse than individual star salesperson. Then a practical application of this principle can be seen everywhere.

Every person who uses HEAD power is able to multiply profits for the company & self.

He originates the message or idea and the team members carry it.

This person is the BIG man.

Now, agreed that not everyone can be a "Captain" But there is no law to prefer every person from MAKING the attempt. No one has what he or she can do until he orshe tries.In the ATTEMPT comes the ABILITY to perform.

Remember Genius is Nine tenths persperaltion.

Think! Plan! Study. Work your head! Multiply your power & abilities! Be a captain. Go after it.Others are doing it!

Why can't you?



Leading Consultant, Coach & Trainer

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