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5 Secrets of selling 1 EXTRA Flat

Welcome to this short guide about selling 1 EXTRA flat. You are one of the lucky ones who got their hands on this guide.

So make most of it. If at any time, you find that the hate strategies & steps I’ve given here are very simple then congratulate yourself on recognizing this fact.

The most important & most effective things in life are simple, not complicated. But that’s why they are so effective.

So is with this. It’s my hope that you will increase your real estate sales by implementing the ideas.

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5 Secrets of selling 1 EXTRA Flat

Now, these secrets are very powerful. And once you learn these & start implementing you will see the kind of impact it has on your sales.

But I must warn you before proceeding further.

These 5 secrets are Not magical. They need to be worked on. If you only read these & do not take any action then it will be of no use to you.

So read & implement these to the maximum extent & you’ll get huge benefits from these. Get yourself brained & let’s start learning about these 5 secrets in detail.

For your reference, I am listing all 5 secrets at the start Secret

  • Generate your own enquiries Secret
  • Improve your sales presentation Secret
  • Learn to do effective follow ups Secret
  • Use Niches to your best advantage Secret
  • Do it.

Secret 1 – Generate your own enquiries

I agree that normally your Sir, your company does advertising & give you inquiries. That is normal. Everybody & their company does that. But that’s my point.

Late Early Nightingale said that “If you have to do one thing & one thing only then does this – do opposite of what everybody does.

You cannot go very wrong with this, this main emphasis is on doing different things than what everybody does. some here. When every other salesperson is waiting for his builder to give leads, you are busy generating your own leads. Let’s take an example.

Suppose your company gives you 50 leads or walk-ins every month. Out of that, you sell to 3 customers. Means 3 customers book their flats with you.

So statistically you are closing a deal for every 17 leads/inquiries. Now, this is a very good closing ratio. yours may be higher or lower than this. but it doesn’t make much difference. As we want you to sell 1 Extra Flat, you need 17 more inquiries in the whole month.

if by some efforts on your own, you could get 17 extra inquiries, you will sell that 1 Extra-Flat. Now your task is simple. you should focus your efforts on getting that 1 inquiry every 2 days. almost.

if you do this your goal will be definitely achieved. You may think that – it’s not your job to generate inquiries. why should I work hard to do this? my company must increase its advertising budget to give me extra inquiries.

You may be right. but then you are wrong, too. In the next chapter of this guide, I've explained the kind of attitude you must have to succeed. Read it.

For now, note that if you’re giving above excuses, then that is a note that if you’re giving above excuses, then that is a loser’s attitude. And you are a winner! Ways to generate extra inquiries. I’ll give you few very effective ways to generate inquiries for your extra flat.

if you use these, you’ll be getting these inquiries with very little effort.

5 ways to generate extra enquiries –

  • Your Personal Network
  • Get referrals from each customer
  • create your customer’s profile & find more people that suits that profile.
  • Use internet & social-media
  • Telecalling – outgoing – 20 calls a day minimum when you start using these 5 ways daily, you’ll take a big step towards selling your 1 Extra Flat.

Secret 2 - Improve Your Sales Presentation

Once you get additional enquiries, then you need to improve your selling skills. and your presentation skills in particular. I have space constraints in this guide.

But still, I am giving you a primer on doing your sales presentation. Now you know how to do an effective sales presentation. But you don’t have to limit it to your extra enquiries only.

Just imagine – what will happen when you start using this same presentation on all so of your regular enquiries?

It may happen that you will sell 1 Extra flat to someone among those so enquiries.

This secret is that powerful.

Secret 3 - Learn to do effective follow ups

I' am often surprised by the way people do follow ups to the enquiries.

Here’s a typical process –

  • Customer does visit
  • Sales Executive calls customer & ask “ Have you taken decision?”
  • Again Sales Executive customer & ask, “Have you decided yet?”
  • Again Sales Executive calls customer & ask, “ When are you going to come for booking?”
  • & Again, Sales Executive calls as a last call & asks, “ Have you taken any decision?”
  • Then, Sales Executive Never calls.

This is if Sales Executive is persistent to make 5 calls. Otherwise after just 2 calls people decides that customer – never to contact again.

This way of doing follow up is the least effective way. Sadly, it is the most widely used follow up method.

You don’t have to follow this. You can put in other elements such as direct mail, invitation, thank you cards or gifts, visit anniversary – monthly to do follow up.

Due to space limitation, I can’t give you full details of the follow up methods. But if you really work on this, you’ll be able to sell that 1 Extra flat – very easily.

Secret 4 – Use niches to your best advantages

Not every customer is the same. & certainly, their needs are also Not the same.

But when you try to sell them, mostly you follow the same process, same methods & same emotional triggers. This is a mistake. Big one.

When you understand this & start using this secret, you yourself will be surprised how easy it becomes to sell your customers. The crucial thing is to sell them what they want. But we do exactly the opposite.

You try to sell them what you have. Once you start finding or categorizing your customer into niches, you’ll start enjoying the benefits of their powerful secret.

How to use this secret?

As I said above, every customer is different. You make a list of all the clients who have already booked a flat with you.

Then list out their professions, their status etc.

By now you will have at least 20 items on your list, such as

  • Doctor
  • Bank’s asst manager
  • Self-employed
  • Industry owner
  • Worker Businesswoman
  • Lawyer CA And so on.
  • High class
  • Middle class
  • Upper middle class
  • Ultra affluent

And so on.

Now start thinking & Listing why each of these customers bought from you. You are going to be shocked for a variety of reasons.

If you do this correctly, then mostly you should have unique reasons for every niche group. Once you get those real reasons, the next step is pretty simple.

When you meet your next customer enquiry, see from which niche he or she is coming. Then simple stress on those reasons which they find appealing. This one secret can alone help you selling 1 EXTRA Flat!

Secret 5 – Do it!

Nike said it correctly – ‘Do it’. If you read, understand, but don’t implement then it’s of no use. This secret overlaps all other secrets. Do it! Just Do it!

There you have, All 5 powerful secrets for selling that 1 EXTRA Flat every month.

But wait.

There is more. See Next Chapter.

Special Secret - Your Attitude is everything

Your attitude determines your altitude – how high you’ll go in your real estate sales carrier. It decides what will happen to your customers & their homes.

Whether they’ll buy from you or not is Not decided by the price or competition or market conditions. In 1930, Napoleon Hill said that “Whatever a mind of man can conceive, it can achieve.”

That is so true even today. In fact, in today’s complex life, it is truer. If you think that you cannot sell 1 Extra flat, you are right! If you think that you can sell 1 extra flat, you are right, too!

It mainly depends on what kind of attitude you are having. Let me tell you a sales story “A very big shoe company wanted to expand their products into African Countries.

But they wanted to do some research before taking the Big plunge So they sent one of their experienced executive there. His task was to see how much demand for shoes could be there.

This person has been in the company for the last 10 – 12 years. Obviously, he has that credibility with the management. And that’s why he was given such an important task.”

“Off he went to Africa & landed there. While going through his car from Airport to the hotel, he started looking at various types of people there.

Now being there to see what kind of shoes they wear he was looking for it! To his horror, he found that most of the people were not wearing any type of shoes or footwear.”

“Once he reached the hotel, he wanted to confirm his fears. So he visited the market nearby. And again he saw the same thing. People were not using shoes at all.” Without spending much time, he went back to his hotel & sent a telegram to his head office in the US.

He wrote the following words in a telegram – “Nobody here wears shoes So no need of our products. Pl, call me back ASAP.”

“ The company called him back & he went on doing his regular work.” After a couple of months, the company’s top management decided to try for one more time.

This time they sent a rookie or a new salesperson. This man has been with the company for only a couple of years, but he was full of enthusiasm. And he was selling a big number of shoes, too! He also went there & landed at the airport. The same routine, while going through his car to the hotel he also observed the same thing. Nobody or very few were wearing the shoes.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. So to confirm – just like the last person – he went to a nearby market. And his thoughts were confirmed.

Practically, nobody was wearing shoes there. Just like the last one, he hurriedly went to the hotel to send a telegram to Head office. These are the exact words he sends to HO – “Nobody here wears shoes.

So we got a BIG potential. Pl, send me as many shoes lots as you can!” The company did send lots of shoes and a whole virgin market was launched.

Now, what’s the difference between these 2 executives? The answer is - ATTITUDE!

When a prospective client walks into your office or at the site, what do you see?

  • Do you see a person / a family in desperate need of a home?
  • You see a family just doing enquiries?
  • When they ask you lots of questions – do you get irritated because of that? OR you take it as an opportunity to sell them?
  • When they come back 3rd, 4th or 5th time, do you lose all enthusiasm? OR
  • Do you take it as a good buying sign?

How you behave in the above situations totally depends on your Attitude.

You must, always, without – a – doubt – have a Positive Attitude.

  • Positive Attitude towards your clients
  • Positive Attitude towards your project
  • Positive Attitude towards your company
  • Positive Attitude towards your Boss
  • Positive Attitude towards your job as a Real Estate salesperson.

No matter what always be positive, think positive & most importantly act positively. This change alone will help you sell 1 EXTRA flat & many more!

Bonus Section - How to sell 1 more Flat & then 1 more…

Now you know 5 secrets of selling 1 EXTRA flat. It’s time to sharpen the saw & take your skills to a higher level. So that you could sell many more flats!

A small story -:

Once upon a time, two woodcutters were working in a jungle. Let’s call them Smart Cutter & Hard Cutter.

Hard Cutter was a person who used to work for more than 10 hrs a day. Never took a rest. And was continuously busy doing one & one thing only – cut the trees.

Still, at the end of every month, he was getting less payment than the smart cutter. He couldn’t understand the reason. So he took a guess & started working 12 hrs a day.

The whole month he slogged & slogged & slogged. But again the results were the same! Hard cutter was very surprised & went to the smart cutter to ask his secret of success.

Now smart cutter was very helpful in nature. He always wanted to share his success secrets with others.

So he said he would help the hard cutter. They went to the trees with their saw in hand & look at a big tree to cut. Smart Cutter said, “ show me how you work.” This was easy. Hard cutter proudly went ahead & started chopping the tree. After about 3 hrs, he stopped.

He did cut a small portion of the tree in 3 hrs. But it was a really really Big tree. Now smart cutter said, “ Let me show you how I work .” He, too, started chopping the tree. Half an hour went by. He was doing the same thing as a hard cutter.

Nothing new was visible. Hard cutter was wondering .” Is he really going to show me his secrets?” Another half-hour went by. Suddenly smart cutter stopped.

He came back to his bag & took out a sharpening tool & started sharpening his saw! Hard cutter was surprised. To him – this was a waste of time. “ Why is he wasting 5 minutes of time?” He Thought.

But he didn’t say anything. Then after 5 minutes, smart cutter again started to cut the tree. But this time his saw was cutting very well. Again one hr passed & he took a break to sharpen his saw.

He sharpened for 5 minutes & then went on to cut the tree. After one more when he stopped, Hard cutter lost his patience.

He said,” Are you really going to tell me or not? I feel like a fool waiting for 3 hrs to get some secrets from you.”

Smart cutter said, “ My friend, I already showed you my secret 3 times. Let me explain.

When I took a 5-minute break, I was taking a rest but I was also sharpening the saw. And due to that sharpening, my saw can cut much larger wood than yours.” “ So I get less tired.

I cut more trees in less time. I earn more. All because I took time to sharpen my saw, “ Tell me, my friend, when was the last time you did sharpen your saw?” It struck Hard cutter like a Big, thumping tree on the head.

He understand his mistake & rectified it. Soon he was earning more, with less work & less fatigue.

My question -

“ Tell me, my friend, When was the last time you sharpened your selling skills?

When did –

  • You took sales training?
  • You read a book You learn to handle customer objections?
  • You prepare effective sales presentation? You list all the question to ask?
  • You plan 7 ways of doing follow up?
  • You learn how to get 1 or 2 referrals from your customers?

These are just a few of the skills & strategies I teach Real Estate salespeople.

When you improve even 10 % in each, you start selling that 1 EXTRA Flat in addition to your targets. & 1 more & 1 more & 1 more.

My advice to you –

“ Start Sharpening Your Saw...”

The Beginning..…

This is purposely titled as ‘ The Beginning’ Because actually, it is. . . .

  • Beginning of selling 1 extra flat for you
  • Beginning if New & effective way of property selling
  • Beginning of helping a family get their dream home
  • Beginning of reaching New Heights in your sales carrier
  • Beginning of making your construction company’s No. 1 in your area

I am very confident that you’ll achieve all these for sure & then some more. All you have to do now is to start To Begin...........

So there you have it.

All 7 mistakes that you must avoid.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this report.

But I don’t want you to stop at mere reading. Apply the things you learned here. Avoid these marketing mistakes & see how your Products & Services sell faster & faster.

Wish you all the best . . .

Rajesh Gurule

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