Business Builders

No one has placed a limit on your possibilities.

You will sell more products & services if they are all solving any problems people face.

Eyes ever riveted on the clock, seldom are riveted on a bank account.

It's often a long rocky road that leads from Promise to Performance.

Every man must be his emancipator. Slavery is a state of mind.

It is only the man who is bigger than his job, who gets the bigger job.

The dreams of those who labor are the only ones that ever come true.

Misery is a disease of the will.

Happiness comes by willing to be happy.

The health of your business depends largely upon the health of your body.

After all, we are of use in the world only in so far as we are making it happier.

Why walk in the shadow, when it is only fifty feet to the sunny side of the street?

Minutes are to hours what the pennies are to dollars —and he wins who savesboth.

Some advertising may be fad-vertising, but certainly, a great deal of it is sadvertising.

We distrust others because we distrust ourselves. Self-trust is the life-blood of success.

Unload— you can't carry the big things well if you are weighed down with a lot of little no-account detail.

Because he learned the true meaning of the word N-O-W, he was soon able to spell it the other way around — W-O-N.

If you are a good professional or businessman the biggest investment you have is not in stock, but in the goodwill of your customers.

It is all a building process, the rock is built of atoms, the tree is built of cells, the house is built of bricks, success is built of conquered details.


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